Tree work notice
Tree work notice

As arboricultural experts, Lambeth Council’s tree officers are responsible for looking after the trees on the streets around the Borough. They have recently completed a proactive survey of the trees in Tulse Hill Ward. Sadly, a number of trees have been identified that are dying or have structural problems which mean they need to be removed – a list of these trees is below. All trees due to be removed have notices affixed to them by the tree team to inform local residents of the reason for the trees removal.

The tree officers have explained there are several possible factors for the increased number of dead and dying trees

  1. This could be due to climate change, with increased temperatures and reduced water levels negatively impacting trees vitality and making them more susceptible to pests and diseases
  2. It could be due to the tree stock being reaching maturity at a similar time
  3. It could be due to dead trees being missed in previous inspections.
  4. It could be due to direct damage (impact damage) acting as a vector for diseases.

Where possible, the tree team aim to replant all trees that are removed. All trees that are removed are added to a “replacement tree list” that should budget constraints mean that tree replacement is not possible immediately, it will be able to be utilised when budgets allow.

In addition, thirteen new trees were due to be planted in our area earlier this year – but this programme has been delayed because of coronavirus and social distancing rules meaning that excavations for tree pits and planting could not take place. These new trees will be added to the list for the winter planting season this year and a list of where they will be planted is below.

For further information on Lambeth Council’s tree team or on how residents can sponsor a tree to be planted on their street, please click here. If you want to find out more about a particular tree on your street, click here to see the #TreeTalk map which will tell you more.

Trees for removal/have been removed:

  • Alder tree outside 13/15 Craignair Road – due to health and safety concerns regarding the stability of the trees root plate combined with present fungal fruiting bodies and a significant historic stem wound
  • Cherry tree outside 85/87 Claverdale Road – due to health and safety concerns regarding the stability of the trees root plate and lower stem due to visible decay and significant history stem wounds
  • Sorbus tree outside 86/88 Leander Road – due to it being dead
  • Cherry tree on Athlone Road adjacent to 64 Tulse Hill – due to significant structural defects in the form of stem decay likely as a result of present fruiting fungal brackets
  • Hazel tree outside 73 Athlone Road – due to it being dead
  • Sorbus tree outside 4 Mackie Road – due to significant crown dieback which is likely a result of the extensive decay and hollowing detected at the root collar, which classifies this tree as moribund (terminal decline)
  • Sorbus tree outside 8 Mackie Road – due to it being dead
  • Sorbus tree outside 24 Mackie Road – due to it being dead
  • Sorbus tree outside 6/8 Appach Road – due to ongoing  structural conflicts with other highways infrastructure
  • Sorbus tree outside 12/14 Arodene Road – due to the structural condition of the tree, as it has not only a significant cavity within the base of its stem but also that the western half of the tree’s canopy is in terminal decline
  • Sorbus tree outside 47/49 Leander Road – due to its moribund nature (slowly dying without the ability to be saved) likely as a result of internal stem decay
  • Apple tree outside 99/101 – due to a large cavity at the base of the tree undermining the stability of the tree
  • Sorbus tree outside 100 Elm Park – due to internal decay that has resulted in half of the canopy dying, meaning that pruning out the dead limbs would leave an unbalanced crown further destabilising the tree
  • Sorbus outside 43/45 Elm Park – due to it being dead

New trees due to be planted:

  • Os 18 Mackie Road
  • Os 12 Mackie Road
  • Os 13 Athlone Road
  • Os 7 Craignair Road
  • Os 13/15 Craignair Road
  • Os 19 Craignair Road
  • Os 23 Craignair Road
  • Os 6 Craignair Road
  • Os 103/105 Elm Park
  • Os 117 Elm Park
  • Opposite junction with Helix Gardens (Helix Road)
  • Side of car bays in front of 23 helix gardens (Helix Road)
  • os 28/30 Helix Road
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